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Diving Services Naue

The diving company TSN founded in 2006 provides a full and comprehensive underwater service for all your requirements.

The master diver Lutz Naue with his motivated staff and fully trained professional divers have developed outstanding skills and concepts in diving work projects. Diverse specializations and qualifications cover a broad range of business activities.

  • Construction and industrial diving
  • Applications with respiratory protection
  • Work under higher pressure, for example in tunnel building
  • Work in water tanks with purpose-disinfected equipment
  • Specialist use of the diving robot ROV (remotely operated vehicle) LBV 300-5
  • Application of the sonar technology (hydrographic surveying) for location of objects under water
  • Water body survey
  • Salvage diving
  • Underwater inspection with ultrasound

Every project we undertake is covered by the Employer’s Liability Insurance Association. Maintenance of potable water reservoirs complys contently with strict hygiene regulations.

Areas we cover are:

Hydraulic structures, bridges, harbour facilities, dockyards, waste water treatment plants, underwater technical facilities, power stations, excavation trenches, water supply wells, drinking water treatment plant, large water dams.

Make use of our expertise, experience and the service for your projects!


Here you see some pictures of selected projects, which were finished with our participation. You can request a detailed reference list and the company profile of our diving company directly from us.

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