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Construction Diving

Our company provides a full and comprehensive underwater works, for example, underwater welding and cutting, cleaning, purging and suction. Our maintenance, construction activities and inspections  are conducted with the utmost thoroughness and the highest level of professional safety.


We cover all service areas in and under water:

  • repair, assembly, checks and inspections
  • high pressure water cleaning and cutting or water jet (up to 2000 bar)
  • underwater welding and cutting works
  • suction and cleansing works
  • ship shell examination
  • works in high pressure environments (tunnel construction)
  • deep diving with the use of a diving bell
  • works with respiratory protection in contaminated environment
  • works with Kirby Morgan or AH5 from DIVEX with surface supply
  • steel peeling restoration
  • Anode exchange
  • Assembly, repair of valves in underwater facilities like waste water plants etc.
  • routine check-ups and examinations in cleansing basins, sewage basins  and putrefaction/decomposition towers

Industrial diving

Diving robot ROV

In high-risk projects and in areas unsuitable for divers we use the diving robot ROV LBV 300-5. It stands for a remotely operated vehicle, which, assisted by highly-developed technology, is capable of replacing the diver in small underwater works, checks and surveys. Navigation and location with the implementation of the ROV is of special relevance in deep water, under high pressure or in tight space, where it is time-saving and expense-saving. The data supplied by the ROV help develop purposive and effective strategies for  the understanding of the underwater tasks. Underwater ROV’s are a safe and a economic alternative for many water and wastet water applications

Areas of implementation of the underwater ROV LBV 300-5:

  • surveys of underwater buildings with GPS
  • effective control and inspections of underwater technical facilities
  • examination of conduits in deep waters and large extension
  • measurements of construction surfaces ( wall thickness of steel tanks)
  • checks of tanks with small openings and conduits with large extensions
  • location, salvaging and rescue actions with sonar
  • drawing of water samples
  • video recordings under water and also for wildlife observation


  • construction and surveying of oil and gas industry facilities
  • surveying and repair on wind and water power stations


  • underwater buildings
  • shafts and tanks, wells, wet foundation trenches
  • shipyards and dockyards
  • ships
  • bridges
  • power stations


Plant maintenance

hydrographic water body survey

TSN company has at its disposal team-to-date and specialized sonar instruments. Our experienced capable of conducting precise analyses under water – also in deep water. The technology guides the diver in areas of black water as well as areas difficult to access.

Our sonar technology can be flexibly operated from land or water. The high precision scanning systems are suitable for objects of different dimensions and facilitate strategies for a secure and well planned diving work project.

With the sonar technology we support the processes of construction supervision, as the data supplied provide details about the quality, building safety and the correctness of the repairs. Also, in inspections and surveys of foundation trenches the sonars will provide valuable information. The technology is particularly recognized for location, salvaging and rescue.

Areas of sonar implementation:

  • precise hydrographic survey with 2D/3D structural maps
  • examination of underwater buildings, dams, sluice facilities, foundation trenches
  • examination of the condition and constitution of embankments, bridges, walls and jetty walls
  • examination of bridges, survey and inspection
  • pipeline inspections
  • building acceptance
  • construction supervision
  • measurements of foundation trenches
  • locations of wrecks
  • steel pilling examination
  • inspection of base frames, foundation
  • scour profiling

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